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Looking to add value to your home? Buy a garden hut.

15th Mar 2018

I get asked by property owners what can they do enhance the value of their property without going overboard on costs.

The simple answer for the inside of a house is basic decorating if it needs it. I was asked to attend a house in Chalfont St Peter that had been on the market for over 6 months with another estate agent. The hall, stairs and landing were painted in deep red and when you walked in the house it felt very dark. I advised the client to take the house off the market for a bit, paint all the deep red with white paint and we sold the house soon after. Did that add any value? Not doing the work would have resulted in taking a lower offer - so yes it did.

When it comes to the outside, the garden hut is the feature which adds the most value to a property followed by the patio. The hut needs to be a good size, preferably not too small and with power sockets and light. So how does a garden hut contribute to someones desire to buy your house and pay a bit more? Its that sense of escaping without having to go very far. Everyone has different ideas about what they would use a hut for. The imagination wanders and the sense of what might be takes over. Whether it be potting up, writing (think of Roald Dahl) or somewhere for the kids to play, work from home, it doesnt matter.

A recent survey revealed 62% of Brits would be deterred from buying a house if it didnt have a hut or garden big enough to put one up.

Combining a decent hut with a good quality patio and fencing adds even more value to your home as demand for outdoor space and working from home increases, you really cant go wrong.

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