Advantages of Selling at Auction


Traditionally when you decide to sell a property you appoint an estate agent who places the property on the open market – this is called selling by Private Treaty. If you’ve sold a property before then you are aware of the ups and downs of this process.

Sometimes it’s great and the sale goes through quickly with no problems. However, its not always like that. According to the research website ‘Which?’ nearly a third of property sales fall through. Many sellers don’t even reach the stage of finding a buyer – maybe you’re wondering why your house isn’t selling? Or you’ve had a buyer pull the plug on the deal at the last minute leaving you out of pocket, fed up and facing the whole process again – we’ve all heard those stories before!

So we decided at Peter Scott Property to become a network partner with Network Auctions – a leading national auction house.

Auction by Peter Scott Properties at Westbury Hotel

Method One - Traditional Auction
Our regular auctions take place at The Westbury Mayfair Hotel, London

Its not just commercial buildings, plots of land or investment property that is sold at auction these days. There’s a growing number of people looking to sell and buy at auction so ANY PROPERTY can be considered. Selling at auction offers CERTAINTY as contracts are exchanged on the fall of the gavel with a 10% deposit paid immediately. Completion is normally 20 days later.

Often the atmosphere of competitive bidding at auction results in PREMIUM PRICES being achieved. NATIONAL and LOCAL MARKETING takes place with us for about four weeks prior to auction. We have over 30,000 registered auction buyers who will receive details of your property. Viewing days are organised and attended by Peter Scott Property to assist in achieving that special price.

Auction sales are not subject to contract, survey or mortgage finance giving you PEACE OF MIND that you have embarked on the best route to secure your sale.

Method Two - Online Auction Network E

Please watch the video to quickly understand Online Auction Network E and how it may work for you as a seller and a buyer. It’s a new and modern online method with a traditional edge where the buyer is financially locked into the transaction, paying both an exclusivity fee and a non-refundable deposit. In return the seller warrants not to take another offer and the buyer has 28 days to exchange contracts.

If you would like more detailed information on how the Auction or Network E methods of selling may work for you I’d be delighted to help you. Contact Peter Scott on 01494 870 633 or email me here.


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